Friday, August 8, 2014

Insta-life lately

July brought a little change in our family, I quit my job of 6 years. With the encouragement of my husband, we both agreed it was time. It was a long time coming, I was overly stressed and the commute was horrific. We are blessed to be in a position to take a few months off, and allow me to enjoy housewife life. Our fur babies, Sophia & Stella have been 2 happy felines having me around the house. If you catch my life on Instagram, this post will be boring!

I get up around the same time my husband does at 4:45-5ish, and put his lunch together and get coffee poured. We leave around the same time, I head to crossfit, he makes the $$. When I get home, I shower, think about breakfast, and drink coffee or tea. Before I start any house work or meal prep, I grab my bible and study, my planner and plan, my journal and dream, and slippers for warm comfort. It's an extra bonus when there is a morning thunderstorm.

AND, if I am so lucky to have a thunderstorm, Sophia runs scared and hides. I find it hilarious when she thinks she is hiding, when her big poofy tail sticks out. Seriously, if you are not a cat person, we can't be close friends. We can still be friends, but your not my homie. Homie? Do people still say that? Anyways...

Occasionally the Mr and I will head to downtown Detroit and explore. While walking through the city, with my Kate Spade clutch, open toed heels, and my favorite dress I felt like Carrie Bradshaw (I'm sure the Sex and the City HBO marathon may have something to do with it). The waitress said to Eric "you kind of remind me of Mr. Big from Sex & the City". How funny is that? I personally think my main squeeze is way more dapper.

When should you switch out your crossfit shoes? I've had the same pair of black and pink nano 2s since the beginning of my crossfit days. When I saw Christmas Abbott post her cupcake and kettlebell tank again, I ordered that, and a slipped in a pair of the nano 4.0s. I feel totally legit now!

While on a little fitness shopping spree, hubby offered up a pair of Lululemons. There is a lululemon just on the other side of the highway, and the offer was temping. I've always wanted to treat myself, it seems like the cliche thing to buy with my fellow crossfitters. I didn't buy them, I wanted the mesh cut out pairs, and let's be honest Lululemon has been in hot water. Despite the heat, I checked some reviews and found out, for the price, they really aren't all that great in quality. I signed up for Fabletics, and received gray mesh capris, a white mesh tank, and a purple sports bra for $25! The reviews were fantastic, the capris feel great, and for the price... Sign me up! Now I just can't wait for black to come in stock.

Over the weekend, my bestie (who happens to be my mother-in-law, weird I know but I'll explain another day) came in from South Florida to stay with Eric and I, and visit the rest of the family. I love this picture above because Jeannie (Eric's grandma) is looking over at us. Full of smiles, full of light, and full of love.

With that, I leave you with this quote. I can't wait to share all the goals, accomplishments and dreams my family has in store.


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