30 B4 30

  1. Pay off car, or trade in for something I can be proud of
  2. Write a song 
  3. Be proud of my physical shape 
  4. Cross country blogging tour 
  5. Flash mob charity event 
  6. Fleming Avenue T-Shirt Line
  7. 10k Instagram/tumblr/subscribers/twitter 
  8. Rough draft a cook book 
  9. Be a guest on a major podcast  
  10. Witness a miracle 
  11. Shopping trip to KateSpade on 5th avenue 
  12. Learn to shoot a gun 
  13. Read the entire bible 
  14. Debt free-ish 
  15. Run a 5k
  16. Be able to make enough $$ to work part time in corporate America, and part time entrepreneur, being a co owner of a coffee shop would be fun. 
  17. Finish my sleeve tattoo
  18. Have a paid modeling gig 
  19. Not just associates, but true friendship 
  20. Be a mentor 
  21. YouTube Channel with content 
  22. Be a guest blogger on a major blog 
  23. Speak at a convention, or church, or students or college 
  24. Have a general outline for a book prepared 
  25. Have a place to call home that I am proud of
  26. Learn to play an instrument.
  27. Open
  28. Open
  29. Open 
  30. Open