Friday, July 11, 2014

Dear John, it's time to move on

Sometimes, you just have to break up with your CrossFit gym and send the letter. I should have did some homework, tried out a bunch of boxes around my house to find the one for me. After 2 months at my current place, and a conversation with a close friend I realized I wasn't growing. The box is great, but I wasn't finding my place in it, or my grove. Also, I wasn't finding any inspiration for my "Dear Crossfit" Series with the Girls Gone WOD Podcast. I really enjoy writing those, because I feel like someone out in this large CrossFit world can relate.

I'm trying out a new box this week, and we will see where that takes me. I'm also trying to expand my physical activity to other forms of exercise. It took several years to find what works for me, and now that I found CrossFit, I want to explore other things too. I've discovered what it means to train functional fitness, now what else can my body do? I'm curious to see where my limits are when it comes to exercise.

My advice to anyone else that is considering leaving their current box. Just let them know, you don't have to go into details, just a simple message is enough. Now if something major happened, then the business owners have the right to know, to prevent it from happening it again. That was not the case with me, it just wasn't my place. On top of moving to a different state, transferring to a different job location, and finding a new gym it was a lot to take on. Going to CrossFit is normally my own therapy-sesh, when I wasn't feeling the vibe, It was time to move on.

My advice to anyone looking to start crossfit, don't be shy about trying some places out. Most gyms give you a few free classes, or they are non-contracted. I had it kind of easy when I found my first box. The owners walked into my place of employment and an hour later, they were my new best friends. 2 weeks later they were opening their gym and I was one of the first new members.

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