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Welcome to Fleming Avenue! I am so glad that you stumbled across my blog, and I hope you can find it inspirational, useful or even humorous. I've been blogging inconsistently for years, however 2015 has brought on new challenges and the perfect time to Relaunch Fleming Avenue. My goal behind what I put out here in blog land is to inspire people, specifically ladies to overcome battles, big or small. I feel an overwhelming calling to lead and work in Women & Marriage Ministries. 

First and foremost I love Jesus, its the closest most personal relationship I have. That doesn't mean that because I am a Christian I will not fail, I will not say or do something I regret, or even come across hypocritical. I think we all do this unintentionally while discovering who we are in Christ. Everyones walk with the Lord is different. You have not have the same conviction I do about something, and vice versa. Truth is, we are all just a bunch of sinners, trying to live with purpose, and leave a legacy behind for the next generation of believers. I truly believe that sincere, unconditional Godly love, conquers all.

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I like rock music, fashion and tattoos. I love color, but normally dress in simple black and grays shades. I enjoy a good cup of coffee daily, and a good glass of wine weekly. I typically do not follow hi-end designers, but I do love  Kate Spade. I love Jesus, but will blurt out the occasional cuss word. I have two ADORABLE felines Sophia and Stella. I like to be social on my blog and twitter, but only occasionally go out for girls night. I’m rather frugal with purchases, though I will splurge on an apple product if allowed (and Kate Spade of course). If asked what book I am reading, I’ll probably rattle off 4 different titles, that I am reading all at once. No matter how many times I’ve seen the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, I will watch it over and over again. I think it is important to maintain clean eating habits, and daily exercise. 

I’m never sure what I am writing here, but I enjoy every bit of it, and I hope you do too! 

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