Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Family

I absolutely love my side of the family. They are great people and always fun to be around. I love my husbands side of the family too. They are neatly aged that some of Eric's uncles are actually his age or a little younger. It makes for awesome best girl friends for all us ladies. We moved back to Michigan purposely to be closer to the big family. Eric and I have been away from them for several years and the Holidays were just not the same anymore. I know I don't blog here often, but our family means more to me then anything else. Over the weekend was the family Christmas party. Last year we made it up to surprise Eric's mom for Christmas. She was over the roof excited to see us. Seeing family smile takes away any pain you may have been feeling before. Any doubt in your heart...gone. A family members smile cures all. Anyways, this year we had a theme "Christmas Morning". All who were willing showed up in Pajamas, we feasted on coffee and breakfast food, and opened presents. I couldn't help but excuse myself a couple times and cry. We are finally back in Michigan, with our beautiful family, not missing birthdays or holiday dinners. We get to watch the kids grow and perhaps sometime soon start our family and our business.

Jina (Eric's mom) came to visit from Florida and attend the party. Days leading up to the party she stayed at our house and helped put up our Christmas tree and decorations

Before leaving for the family Christmas party, we snapped a photo in front of the tree. The lighting is terrible, but still a great shot.

Here I am with Jina, Jackie, and Andrea

Not everyone could make it to the party, but having as many as we did is always like having a big family reunion. That's Jerry & Jeannie in the front holding hands, the grand parents of it all. 

And because we are who we are, we took a goofy photo for giggles. 

After the party we drove to Jeannie & Jerry's with a few other family members and "watched" football. AKA everyone play on our phones and look at the photos from the party. 
Jina and I realized we had yet to take a selfie together. I know I've said this before, but Eric's mom is my best friend. Her visits are never long enough and she makes everything good and hopeful. (The exact reason we got matching tattoos years ago! ~Ruth 1:16 Wherever you go, I will go, Wherever you stay I will Stay)

This man... Love 

The next day I sat on the couch and soaked in the weekend of memories, with the most perfect cup of coffee in the most perfect cup from Jina. 

Like I said before, I don't blog as often as I would like too. I probably write a short story, poem, or prayer daily but sitting down to publish those thoughts are very hard for me to do right now. However, this is something bigger, and something more. When you get those moments to soak in family and memories, do it! Don't allow anything or anyone to stop you from that. People come and go in life, family is forever. You never know when that will be ripped away from you. So I tell you dear readers, keep ahold of your family, don't be that person that regrets not being with them. More importantly don't be that person that enables someone else to stay away from their family. 

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