Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Downtown Walk

The downtown scene in a town right outside ours its pretty fantastic. Our town doesn't have a downtown unless you consider Red Lobster and Target "downtown". For a town to have a proper downtown it must have boutiques, shoe repair, ma & pa breakfast places, and non-franchise coffee shops. The ma & pa breakfast place in this particular downtown is owl theme, so I'm a bit optimistic that its the best. I do love a good porcelain owl. Anyways the following photos, spiced up with the best features of instagram, are from a nice hand in hand walk on a crisp Florida evening. I know the phrase "crisp Florida evening" sounds like an oxymoron, but it does happen once in awhile. We took full advantage of the dark sky and cool breeze. The palm trees does throw it kind of off though.  

The town did have a christmas tree lighting the day before, but we skipped out to avoid the crowds. The tree is pretty amazing huh? 

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