Monday, December 12, 2011

Foam Modern Tree How To

From this post here I had intended on making one candy corn displays,, but never got around to it. I'm pretty glad too because yarn textiles don't really fit into the home decor here at the apartment. If your looking for a simple modern craft for the holidays, this one is for you.

Supplies Needed:
     2 foam cones
     Flat matte wall paint,
     Sponge brush
     Fine grain glitter
     Pearl flower pins

First start by using the sponge brush and paint the foam cones all around. Before the paint dries too much, sprinkle on the glitter. I only did enough so that when you move the cone around the light you can see it sparkle. Who doesn't love sparkles?!

If your significant other is anti-glitter, tell them to get over it, because glitter will sparkle around the work space for all the holidays. ;) I let the cones dry overnight then put pearl tipped flower pins all around it. I had considered attaching a silver glitter goodness star to the top, but I love how modern and simple it looked without it. Sometimes less is more, even during the holidays.

Finally a little peek of what it looks like in the living room. Pardon the grainy, bad zoomed iphone photo, but you get the hint. 

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