Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree...

When we first moved to South Florida, we brought nothing, and nothing included all of our lame Christmas decorations left in storage in Michigan. Since we had family staying with us during Christmas, we decided to pick up a tree, and I was happy to pick up a simple, and cheap find from the Target dollar spot. It's nothing to write home about, though I am certain I did in 2009, but I dig it.

See! It plugs in nicely and fits perfectly on top of the wrapped gifts. Hey, the gifts are still considered un the tree! I got a little crazy with the wrapping in 2009. Ok, back to the story, in 2010 we posted a lovely picture on Facebook of our tree, and the in-laws caught a glimpse. Next thing we knew we had house gifts, and christmas gifts of christmas decorations. I can't complain, the tree is right up our alley, and it was fun watching Eric and his mom set it up. She came bearing other lovely decorations like silver ornaments, garland, and an awesome snowlike tree skirt to be used year round. I love this tree, it can easily be stowed away during the off season, and no pine needles! I was never a fan of a "real" christmas tree anyways. Heck, it is the 21st century my friends, were making our own rules on the avenue.

It is pretty certain, if you look closely that Stella loves sitting in front of the tree, or she loves to have her photo taken, never the less, the tree rocks my socks, and the cats can't climb it. Stella makes sure that her presences is known.

The above photo was spiced up on instagram, follow me at flemingavenue. Merry Christmas my friends!

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