Monday, April 21, 2014

Life lately...

We moved! After 4 1/2 years we are back to our stomping grounds in the great state of Michigan! We live in a suburb outside of Detroit, all within driving distance of our close friends and family.

When we left North Carolina it was about 65°-70° outside.
When we arrived back to Michigan it was -14° with a couple feet of snow. Hello sinuses! Both Eric and I were sick for a solid week!
We both celebrated birthdays, I'm officially in my "late twenties" and Eric is in his 30s. We took a day trip to surprise his grandparents, and they surprise me with cake. Cake is never a bad thing, if we're being honest here.

Since being home, we've celebrated birthdays with family, and at a 2 year olds birthday party, I made sure to snap a shot with my favorite grannie-in-law. How cute is she?

Kate Spade has a retail store in Troy, so we went to the big fancy mall with moving floors. We had coffee, twice, visited lululemon, and my dear Kate Spade.

I feel deeply in love with this little number, as well as the prettiest pink jacket, worth a pretty penny. Anniversary gift? ;)

Right before moving into our new house (more on that later) my step mom gave us our birthday/housewarming/coolest quilt ever gift. Back in August my dad and Jenny visited us in North Carolina. She took down my color order, and created this beauty! This is the spring/summer side, the other side has a different pattern. Maybe we will share that another day.
Speaking of moving into a new house, we moved into a new house! It's perfect for our current stage in life. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, car port for 2, front porch, fenced back yard, new shed, and fully remodeled with brand new...everything. It's at the end of a road in a quiet neighborhood, but within walking distance of a liquor store. Hey, these things matter! While sipping a glass of wine we can sit on our front porch and watch the sunset. However the bench that came with the house is pretty old, investments will be made. Speaking of investments, little things here and there need to be done. For example in the bathroom, our TP roll is on the counter top. Since there isn't a toilet paper holder already installed, I've been visiting my favorite app Pinterest for alternative ideas besides the traditional unit-screwed-in-to-the-side-of-counter option. Plus, one of my pet peeves is running out of toilet paper without extra stock near by. Have you ever been at a pals house, the TP is gone, and you kind find a roll within arms reach? Nah, I'm sure all of you are way smarter then me and you check the stock before you go.
The last picture kinda resembles the granite counter tops in our bathroom, and this doubles for towel storage too! Oh the possibilities are overwhelming!
We have space in Eric's office to double as a guest room in the rare event we have guest. This couch from Ikea is the perfect piece of furniture. The Ikea store is less than an hour from home. Cheers to great decor and Swedish meatballs!
The other morning I woke up to freezing temperatures, and a couple inches of snow. The day before I had been sporting a lite jacket and the heat was off. I traded my hot coffee for iced, and heat was turned off. However the next day we had snow!I had the day off, so I took a moment or 2 starring out my kitchen window and made extra hot beverages. Ps, the heat was turned on! Can you believe this in the middle of April? If you live in Michigan, you can believe it.

Because I spent my morning completed mesmerized by snow in April, breakfast turned into lunch, that turned into a big plate of everything.

My new phone! Ok, so I am testing out a new device for work, the Galaxy s5. While it will not take the place of my iPhone, it's fun to test it out.

I leave you with a car selfie!


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