Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Update

It's been a few months since i updated this little piece of avenue heaven, so i pulled some photos from my instagram account, and I'm here to deliver them to you my dear readers.

So, my hair is red, and it is long.. See?


Hair still long and still red but I am a pale gal! This was a fun Saturday morning when my dear hubby and I went to a car event.

In April we got a chance to take a vacation together, and we went to Traverse City Michigan. This is our first drive back into town.

Later in the week we visited the peninsula and watched the sun go down.

And we check out the beach for a little, too chilly to go swimming.

While in old mission, someone wrote out ''I love you'' in rocks. It was by a rock we sat on a lot when we first moved to TC several years back. A friendly sign from God!

We were able to have dinner with Eric's grandparents one night too.
One of my favorite photos of us! This man is my hero, and a great man of God.


Back in NC we visited an AWESOME waterfall! This is the across from the bottom of the falls. So gorgeous.
I can't stop laughing at this photo of Eric! While sleeping one morning, Stella decided to photo bomb him! I can't get over the cuteness.
oh, BTW I recently added some new ink to my collection. This is all the line work and stenciling
Here is the line work all tattooed! Still have the background, shading, and coloring to go!


My hair looked cute that day.


AND a Shameless selfie before church, in a sweater that means everything.


Love never fails!

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