Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Shoot Fashion Mood Board Part 2

Untitled #5

I can't imagine many of my readers are too interested in how my man will be dressed, so I'll save that for when you see a sneak peak of the actually shoot. How DAMN CUTE is that Kate Spade clutch? And it's NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Can you believe the heart break? I don't think I could even sport a look-a-like if I wanted too. To walk around in these exact threads you shall spend $1,104.77. While creating this look, I didn't realize how pricey it was. Now IF the newspaper clutch was still available this look may be a bit more expensive for me to pull, but in the name of Kate Spade, I'd do it. Can't wait to show you all how I made this outfit happen, with my happening budget.

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