Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fashion through Instagram

I'm noticing that this little DIY blog has added some fashion aspects. I suppose it is more of a life blog! Dig? I sure do! Especially this week in fashion, and my lovely instagram app. Over the weekend I had fun running around target snapping photos with my phone, and then playing dress up on my day off. 
My beloved socks! Picked them up on clearance from target about 6 months back for under $2
 These adorable modern day mary janes with a cute rosette and maroon colors. Who's in love?
 Might have to pick these up for the photo shoot! 
Some of the most adorable hats from Target. The truth is that the red hat was on a different shelve, but I moved it to stage this photo. 

The next group of photos are from me messing around with the camera after playing dress up with some new make up, an old scarf I had laying around, and some new earrings. 
Here is the mood board I created as inspiration for my out fit.

Little outfit

According to the mood board this outfit would have cost $1,460.49. Guess how much I spent on mine? Well here is the run down!
1.Black shirt: $ FREE (gift)
2. Gray Shirt: $5 courtesy of Target clearance
3. Earrings: $6 courtesy of target
4. Jeans: $30 Oldnavy (Bless brand that flatter my curves)
5. Adorable Socks: $2 from Target clearance 
6. Shoes: $30 Target ( I use these for work too so, double bonus investment)
7. Winter Scarf $6 on the trusty target clearance rack. Trust me I'd rather be sporting the kate spade scarf seen above. 
8. Bag: $10 from Belles

TOTAL: $89 I didn't just run out a buy all this at once, it was through out the course of a few years. 

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