Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekly: Life in Pictures

I decided to walk around my apartment, and take photographs of things I really love about this place. Now I really love living in this place with Eric, and the cats, but I didn't photograph them, just things that make me happy. I used my trusty iPhone, then uploaded them to instagram for some photo editing.

First we have, yours truly. 

The coolest tape dispenser you have ever seen! My husband bought that for me, he totally gets me.

I love to use polyvore for making mood boards, but its nice to have a physical one too. The cork board supplies are from an office supply store, and the frames and prints are from ikea. The fun white flowers were on clearance at bath and body works as alternative bows for christmas gifts. Some day I will consider them for a handbag, sun hat, or cardigan. Till then, they look fancy on the board. 

Below the board rests some supplies. Lucky bamboo, my coloring pencils, metalic blue letters (who doesn't need a supply of those?), rubber bands, and key board letters. In all honestly the letters serve zero purpose, but to look awesome. Did you happen to notice that the glass container holding the rubber bands is in the shape of a milk cartoon? <3

I did a search on amazon for vintage suitcases on the cheap. Now, you defiantly can not travel with these, but they look great on top of the book case in the office. 

While visiting a British tea house & store in Davie Florida, my eye caught this fabulous tea pot. I've been wanting one for some time, but never found one with a big personality. Since I have been digging red accents in the apartment, and if you know me well enough, you know I love the old telephone booth, it seemed like a perfect purchase. To top it off, it was only $30! SCORE!

I love to collect glass bottles! They have to be really unique, and cheap (or gifts!). I will go out to goodwill just to stalk walk around for a new glass bottle. 

Who doesn't love a vintage pin up? This calendar was 60% off some mall kiosk in West Palm Beach. 

As I stated in instragram when I posted this: I like to hang my cheap wine and call it art! 

I have a fear of bugs eating my food before I do, and since my apartment is pretty clean, I make sure every thing is nice and sealed, giving no reason for a bug to come to my home. Besides Sophia & Stella (cats) are sure to scare them away. I took glass water bottles, and wrapped twine around the bottles with school glue. I then fill the bottles with dry foods, typically stored in boxes. Some people use tupperware, I use glass bottles. To the far left I twined up an old coffee tin, and store common kitchen utensils.

Since I have some much love for glass, I need to be sure to utilize it any way possible. 

As far as my bags are concerned, I love katespade designs. From left to right we have Clyde (real name), Bow Peep (not real name), & the Bon Shopper (real name). I got all on great deals! 

When we first moved to South Florida Eric picked up some brown and beige bar stools. I hated the color, but wasn't picky, we needed a place to sit. So first I had painted the wood all black, and then I painted the cushion teal (I am clearly too lazy to learn to re-upholster). After we received a red wii for christmas, I decided to spray paint the wood AGAIN, but a glossy red. I'm sure I am the only one who loves it. 

I'm currently reading some fun books! As i posted before, I write in a blog with my dear pal, here are some books for research. Check out fitandfaithful

Just Because: This isn't found in my apartment, but I kind of like tattoos, and I kind of want this one. 

Just Because: This is NOT the view of my apartment, but the view of our hotel room for my pals wedding. We drove to New Bern, North Carolina for the "I Dos" and matching pal tattoos. 

For no reason at all, I just think this women is beautiful!

My life is way cooler through the editing power of instragram, and this is where I tell you about a weekly post. Every week I will be posted my life through pictures, with some sort of theme. Maybe it will be food? My outfits? of course lots of home decor love! Follow me on instagram @avenuedreams

~xoxo amber

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