Monday, April 30, 2012

Cork Board Makeover

Using some leftover interior flat paint, a discounted stencil set, and a sponge brush- I gave my office cork board a little makeover. First I taped off the edged with frog tape, then sponge painted the entire board with gray paint. After that dried, laid the stencil on the cork, and sponge painted in the teal. I did it in sections so stencil wouldn't overlap the wet paint. Once the board had dried, and I touched up the pen marks with a q-tip, I realized I painted this thing upside from the way I wanted it to hang. Oh well, it still looks pretty darn super to me. Here's a look-see though the lens of my iPhone (yes the same iPhone that suffered a bath- more on that another day).

Because I had 90% of the supplies laying around the apartment (and I'm sure you do to) this project was an inexpensive way to spend my "weekend" off.

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