Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome Back

I know it's been some time since I've last blogged. We went on a trip, got overwhelmed with car shopping and long work hours, then we both got sick (I was out of work a week), and we actually bought a new car. Those of you who may know Eric and I personally know that the car he has been driving hated us, and we've been playing the car pooling game for a couple months now. The good thing is, we had almost similar work schedules, and days we didn't we made it work. Lucky for us we work the same exact job - just in different cities that are only separated by 2 exits. You would have thought that during my week off work I would visit my blog, but I didn't. I laid on the couch reading blogs and getting hooked on Gossip Girl. Thank you Netflix for that new obsession (please no spoilers I'm only in season 3). So, here's whats been going on in our lives...

 1. One day while arriving to the office early on a car pooling day- I noticed how awesome the brick pattern outside my work is. It looks even cooler though instagram.
2. We went to Jacksonville FL for a convention and had the coolest view from our top floor hotel room. We were on the 19th floor with a great view of the river.
3. Right after a in-home movie night, fireworks went off right outside our apartment window. It was pretty darn cool, we sat right on the bedroom floor peaking our head outside the window.
4. Then another night we hit up downtown with the intentions of open-mic night at a low key coffee shop. Unfortunately the joint canceled open-mic so it was conversation and walking. It's alright though, the ladies of the group had a blast.
5. I've fallen in love with seaweed salad and my awesome new ceramic coffee cup. It's the small things in life that make it count...really.
6. Fact: Whenever I order from Kate Spade, even if its full of all the sale items, I oder gift wrap. If you follow me on instagram @flemingavenue you know my personal obsession with the gift wrap. So.damn.cute...end of story.
7. On one of my sick days- Stella un-avoidably needed a bath. My pure white indoor cats stays pretty clean, so this doesn't happen often- but I had to. I'll spare you the details- but this cat plays off the cliche of being afraid of water. It got messy, I got scratched, she bit me and I cried- like a little girl. Mainly because I felt like my own child said "I hate you" (not that I have a child), but I think you understand. Anyways- we've since made up- I let her come to me at her terms since I was the one forcing her into the water. PS- It is much either to bathe a cat in a sink then a tub. Anyways-  I adore her, don't you?

8. Finally- a little bit of inspiration for the day.

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