Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plans for 2012

I know all of us are sitting around our homes, thinking about the year that has best, and then what is to come in 2012. The new year always gives us a chance to start over, move forward, look to the future. 2011 was a great year for us here on the avenue. We bought a car, seen family, visited more of florida then ever, sat comfortably finically and celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Early in the year, we did not expect any of those things, but we are forever celebrating our blessing. With that said, having such an awesome year, 2012 can only continue to be awesome. I've jotted down a things I'd like to accomplish, some of them I want every year, and a few new.
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Now, for your reading pleasure, the epic list of resolutions, that millions make every year... and I follow along in style. 

  1. Lose Weight 
  2. Eat out less, cook more 
  3. Make more coffee @ home 
  4. More DIY-ing and thrifting. Hannah, when I get to NC we will do this OFTEN! Deal? 
  5. Blog often - been practicing this well 5-7 posts per week. 
  6. Tribal delly dance again
  7. Accept the very unexpected 
  8. Pray Daily 

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