Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

I tweeted @flemingavenue yesterday that cashmere, Victoria's Secret & Kate Spade were good to me this Christmas, but what I ment is Eric was good to me this Christmas. Because of the reason for the season, our Savior- this entire 2011 has been good to us - more on that later.

After work, on Christmas Eve we spent the evening with Erics mom, step dad, and step sister. They were making dinner, while his step sister made desserts. Put it this way, my diet was completely left in the car while at dinner.
First we had the worlds smallest cupcake, filled with peanut butter. YUM

  After dinner we had the worlds largest cupcake, made from scratch with real strawberries. It was FANTASTIC! 

We captured a photo on Christmas eve after we stuffed our faces.  

Also, the in-laws hooked us up with an awesome espresso machine, fully equipped with a coffee grinder & and cup and saucer kit. Based on the second photo, and several attempts later, I've mastered a pumpkin cappuccino, with extra foam. 

Now, on to Christmas morning. While I prepared cinnamon rolls, Eric broke our christmas eve's gifts for some hot espresso. We exchanged gifts, and watched movies. My husband knows me all to well & hooked me up with some great gifts. The cashmere scarf was an excellent surprise and I'm in love. He also got me a set of measuring spoons I have been eyeing. Why do I love thee? Let me show you. 
BTW, this is the best smell ever. I was pretty excited to unwrap this, not to mention this box has glitter on it. Did you know that Eric has a glitter phobia? Eric also got me a few other things, including a much needed hard drive. Thanks babe! 

**Photos are all mine, taking with instagram...enjoy**

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