Saturday, November 5, 2011

5th Night Date

5th Night Date

So I know all of your are wondering, what is this outfit this time? No? Well I was indecisive on what to wear for our 5 year anniversary that it took me right till the very morning to pick out my outfit to a T. I knew I'd be wearing jeans, my wedding band, earrings Eric got me, smokey eyes and simple black shoes. It was the top I couldn't decided on the day before. Finally I settled for a very simple black WARM sweater. We were in New Bern NC for the photos, IN THE AM, and it was a little chilly from what I am used to (but I was loving it). Since it was uber cold, I decided to get rid of the pearl idea, and wear a scarf. I'm glad to it was rather toasty. Here is the run down of the total cost-ish. 

1. Sweater: $25 from Old Navy (new)
2. Jeans: $30 Old Navy (already owned)
3. Scarf: under $10 I think? from Target (already owned for years)
4. Shoes: $30 from Target (already owned- work shoes)
5. Earrings: Gift from my man
6. Ring: Gift from my man
7. Purse: From Belles $10 (already owned). It is simple and black, and not near as awesome as the one on the fashion mood board above. Confession, I didn't actually carry the purse in the photos. 
8. Socks, yes they had a tint of pink, on clearance for $2 from target (already owned)
9. Smokey eye: Priceless. 

Ladies, when in doubt, a simple smokey eye is the way to go. Now, don't go all to the shore on me, just enough for a wow factor, but not HOLY WOW! Got it? 

I don't have the pictures yet, but our awesome photography Pat has them posted to his blog, so please go check them out @ catherinealexanderphotography

ps. We were on vacation from Saturday night till yesterday morning? Could you tell?

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