Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wedding Week Part 1: Timeless Timeline

This week I'm going to set aside my food, fashion, and DIY projects to get personal. November 4th is our 5 year anniversary, and while we will be getting away from retail reality, I wanted to dedicate this week, wedding week. Something I know a lot of other bloggers have done before, but I've always enjoy those posts myself.

Our timeless timeline began in 2006. From the outside looking in people may have thought we moved to quick. Some people, even from our own family had the nerve to say we married so soon for the sake of a "shot gun wedding". Nope, it was all in the name of love. Here is a fun little timeline of our first chapters of our story.

  • January 2006: Started Dating 
  • February 2006: Moved in together (everyone thought we were crazy, except for my dad. He knew it was true love)
  • March 2006: Welcomed our kitties to the new apartment (Sophia & Stella), and we bought a new car together. 
  • August 2006: Eric proposed! (More on that magical tale later this week)
  • November 2006: MARRIED! 
Now lets take this trip down memory lane with some cheesy photos that we will regret showing you later.

 Eric was 23, and I was 20 
 Getting ready to eat dinner. My lite blue eye shadow is awesome.
 It's true, we are rock stars! Rocking our aviator glasses. Eric had those same sunglasses for about 4 years. 
 Getting ready to go on a date! I'm now sporing some interesting orange shadow. Are you even surprised I am wearing black? We were about to play some putt putt golf.
 Ice Skating! 
 Stella on the right, Sophia in the middle, and some hand weights on the left. Just to show you how tiny my little kittens were. I can't believe I can tell who's who's. 

Oh wow! Look at how cute this little girls are? Sophia on the left is less then impressed with me, and Stella is content. They have the same personalities then as they do now. Now I'm wearing pink shadow! What can I say? I was going a cosmetology apprenticeship back then, and had to show off my style from a Chicago Hair Show we went too. 

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